NEW 1000W LED Top Light
3500 µmol/s output

- Replace 1000W SON-T/HPS with 90% more light
- Up to 3.9 µmol/J efficiency
- The most compact LED fixture
- Fewer fixtures required for any installation
- The lowest cost per m²

The world's most productive LED grow light

We have specifically designed the new Hyperion 3k grow light to deliver greater returns for commercial growers.

Hyperion 1750 Top Light
Easy replacement for your HPS/SON-T installation. A 1:1 equivalent with existing 1000w sodium grow lights.

Gemüseproduktion Zorbau LED installation

Gemüseproduktion Zorbau grow Germany’s first piccolo tomatoes under full LED

8 February 2021

Gemüseproduktion Zorbau is one of the production locations of German fruit & vegetable production and marketing ent... more »

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The journey from 100% HPS to 100% LED lighting. Interview with leading Polish grower Pawel Karpinski

7 January 2021

At his farm in Zuromin, Pawel Karpinski grows tomatoes in 3.5ha of glasshouses but found it difficult to expand due to r... more »

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Andrei Mihai Showing Tomatoes at Steiner Greenhouse

The first side by side trial of LED vs HPS in Germany at Gemüsebau Steiner: Interview with head grower Andrei Mihai

30 June 2020

In Autumn 2019 Gemüsebau Steiner installed Hyperion in Kirchweidach, replacing the existing 1000W HPS fixtures with LED... more »

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