Commercial Growers

The application of LED grow lighting in commercial horticulture is beginning to take off, supported by an ever increasing amount of evidence for the effectiveness of LED in growing a large number of different crops.

The challenge that Plessey is addressing with development of its new Hyperion grow light is the commercial return available to growers in terms of growing environment efficiencies, energy savings and better crop yields/ quality. High pressure sodium grow lights have been used for many years by commercial growers and they are reluctant to switch away from this technology without a strong commercial case.

Hyperion grow lights are 1:1 equivalent with existing 600w and 1000w sodium grow lights, making them easy to install and work with. The cost savings delivered by requiring less lights than LED competitors, having lower installation costs and creating less shading make Hyperion a very low total cost LED solution, delivering greater returns to growers.


Hyperion™ LED grow lights from Plessey are second generation LED grow lights that deliver the highest overall efficiency of any LED grow light system available in the market.

Commercial applications

  • Vegetables
  • Plant propagation
  • Soft fruits
  • Herbs
  • Salad crops
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted plants

Commercial benefits

  • Increased yield
  • High fruit quality
  • Winter crop viability
  • Stronger root growth
  • Improved Brix levels
  • Early fruit setting
  • High biomass
  • Improved forecasting to market
  • Improved growth control
  • Reduced wastage
  • Late season ripening
  • Improved colouration
  • Compact growth
  • Improved flavours
  • Longer shelf life

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