Hyperion™ Inter Light

The Hyperion inter light is the perfect partner to the Hyperion top light or to supplement existing HPS/SON-T top lighting. The fixture has been designed to provide intra canopy light from state of the art LEDs.

The inter light hangs within the canopy of high wire crops providing increased light at optimised spectrums to deliver higher yields from less energy.

Key Features

  • Up to 300 µmol/s light output
  • Up to 3.0 µmol/s joule efficiency
  • Proven spectrums for high wire crops
  • Wide beam angle for optimum light penetration
  • Plug and play connection with simple wire installation
  • Fixtures can be connected in a daisy chain up to 20 fixtures
  • IP66 rated and standard 5 year warranty


  • Optimise lighting system efficiency
  • Promote plant growth and fruit ripening speed
  • Choice of light outputs and efficacy to suit your growing environment
  • Competitive pricing and cost effective plug and play installation
  • Durable aluminium lightweight profile with low shading
  • Standard length 2.4m. Customised lengths available
  • Five year warranty

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