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Combining its expertise in the semiconductor and LED lighting industry with its design skills, Hyperion has developed award winning innovations targeted at a variety of applications, including horticultural lighting.

The Hyperion Grow lights have been specifically designed to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. Hyperion grow lights can work in addition to, alongside, or can replace high pressure sodium (SON-T) grow lights. With Hyperion you need less units for any given lighting installation than with competitor LED grow lights. Being 1:1 equivalent with existing 1000w and 600w sodium grow lights makes Hyperion easy to install and to use for growers, installers and greenhouse builders.

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Introduction to Hyperion Grow Lights

2011. The company history goes back to 2011 when Phytolux, a UK lighting company, began research into the potential benefits of horticultural LED fixtures. Phytolux partnered with Rothamstead Research, one of the world’s oldest agricultural research institutes (founded in 1843). Together with Dr Julian Franklin, Head of horticulture and controlled environments, Phytolux developed the Attis range of research LED grow lights.
Between 2012 and 2015, Attis units were sold to over 40 UK University and Research organisations that developed a unique knowledge exchange programme where every year the user group met to discuss and compare findings on a wide range of crop experiments.

2015. Maarten Klein, Dutch grower, Plant Scientist and former Head of Research at the Delphy Improvement Centre, begins working with Phytolux to design and oversee commercial trials.

2016, Phytolux licenses accumulated IP to leading UK LED technology company, Plessey Semiconductors Ltd., to develop a commercially viable LED alternative for growers, vs standard 600W and 1000W HPS grow lights.

2017, The first 2ha commercial installation of the Hyperion 1000 at Belgian lettuce grower, Johan Desmet

2018, Over 10Ha of installations in 2018 at Dutch, Belgian and UK tomato and lettuce growers. Including Europe’s largest 100% LED installation (at the time) at TomatoMasters in Belgium

2019, Light output and efficiency rises to 1850 @ 3.0 umol/J, introduction of the 300 umol/s crop Inter Light and installations in Germany, Italy and Poland, bringing the total number of EU countries with Hyperion installations to 6.

Hyperion Grow Lights Limited set up by Plessey Grow lighting Director, Jonathan Barton and Maarten Klein with the rest of the Plessey team, backed by future technology investors, Endeavour Ventures, and continuing co-operation with Plessey engineering and OSRAM for development of Hyperion LED light engines. Hyperion 3k high power LED launched, offering 60% more light than 1000W HPS/SON-T.

“Our aim is to continue building a high-quality business with selected, long-term customers, growing together”. Jonathan Barton, Director