From the start of research into LED grow lighting, Hyperion Grow Lights has adopted an open policy of knowledge transfer to enable end users to achieve the best performance and crop yield.

Hyperion Grow Lights has a strong working relationship with Rothamsted Research and its Controlled Environments Department and has pioneered the unique LED grow light products in a collaboration with them.

Hyperion Grow Lights are being used at dozens of top universities and research organisations and trials are ongoing both in the UK and in Holland on multiple crop species and growing environments.

Hyperion's Head Agronomist, Maarten Klein, is an expert in the application of LED grow lights in commercial horticulture and has a wealth of experience in the sector having spent 10 years as the Research Director at Delphy in Wageningen, Holland.

Building upon the knowledge gained over the last few years and combining this with Hyperion's engineering expertise as a leading manufacturer of LEDs, it has developed Hyperion™, a second generation of high power grow lights that offer greater commercial return for growers.

Hyperion Grow Lights continues to draw on a wide range of expert plant scientists and commercial growers to improve the knowledge and information available to its end users.