New Hyperion Inter Light for 2019 to complement existing top lighting in greenhouses

1 February 2019

Hyperion, a leading developer of award-winning LED technologies and horticultural grow lighting, announces the launch of its new Hyperion Inter Light. The latest launch from the Hyperion Grow Light brand comes after the growing success of its Hyperion top light range which saw over 10Ha of grow light installations in 2018.

Hyperion Inter Light

The Hyperion Inter Light is the perfect partner to the Hyperion top light range or to supplement existing HPS/SON-T top lighting. The Inter Light fixture has been specifically designed to provide intra canopy light from state-of-the-art LEDs for high wire cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and is installed within the crop to supplement existing top lighting.

The Inter Light is suitable for use in hybrid systems with HPS and LEDs, promoting plant growth and fruit ripening speed. With a choice of light outputs and efficacy to suit different growing environments, the Inter Light also provides wide beam angle for optimum light penetration.

With up to 300 micromoles/s light output and 3.0 µmol/ joule efficiency, greenhouse growers can boost production by applying the right light at the right spot with the durable aluminium lightweight IP66 unit profile.

The Inter Light system comes with competitive pricing as well as an industry leading 5 year warranty. Installation is simple and cost-effective with plug and play connections,  daisy-chaining up to 20 fixtures together and simple mounting on wires that can be raised and lowered.

Placing additional light between greenhouse crops allows growers to achieve the maximum value and return from their production and energy costs.

The Inter Light hangs within the canopy of high wire crops, providing increased light at optimised spectrums and also acts as an extra heating pipe to deliver higher yields from less energy.

Jonathan Barton, Director of Hyperion Grow Lights, explained:

“Placing lighting within the canopy of high wire plants is an energy efficient way to increase light levels and yields in greenhouses that already have supplementary top lighting. A combination of robust design, choice of light outputs and efficacy, simple installation and 5 year warranty offered with the Hyperion Inter light optimises return on investment for growers.”

Adding to the success of the brand, the Hyperion LED Grow Light has just been shortlisted at the prestigious LEDs Magazine’s Sapphire Awards. The award ceremony will take place in Las Vegas on 28th February 2019.

Continuing its awareness campaign, the Hyperion Grow Lights including the new Hyperion Inter Light will be exhibited at Fruit Logistica in hall 8.1 at stand B-10 between 6th-8th February in Berlin, Germany. The Hyperion Grow Lights team will also be exhibiting at HortiContact (19th – 21st February 2019) and GreenTech (11th-13th June 2019).

About Hyperion Grow Lights

Combining its expertise in the semiconductor and LED lighting industry with its design skills, Hyperion Grow Lights are targeted at the horticultural lighting industry. The Hyperion grow lights have been specifically designed to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. The Hyperion grow lights can work alongside or can replace high pressure sodium grow lights.

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Hyperion Grow Lights Media Relations Contact:

Jonathan Barton, Director Grow Lighting |

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