Plessey’s Hyperion™ LED grow light honoured as the 2019 Sapphire Awards Winner in ‘Horticultural Lighting’

5 March 2019

Plessey, a leading developer of award-winning LED technologies and horticultural grow lighting, today announced that its Hyperion™ Grow Light was recognised by the judges of the annual Sapphire Awards program at a Gala Event in Las Vegas on February 28, 2019.

Plessey was honoured as a winner for its advance in Horticultural Lighting for their Hyperion™ 1750 LED top light. This innovation has a light output of 1750 micromole/s, equivalent to a 1000W SON-T; this high output means far fewer units are required than other LED systems to provide the 200+ micromole/s/m² required. The low radiant heat of the Hyperion™ top light allows for a more flexible lighting strategy when temperatures in the greenhouse are high and heating pipes installed in the top level of the greenhouse will be used to replace the radiant heat normally provided by HPS lighting.

The judging panel consisted of senior expert professionals and judged the finalists based on the following criteria: Innovation, Value to the User, Sustainability, Meeting a Defined Need, Collaboration and Impact.

Jonathan Barton, Director of Grow Lighting at Plessey, explained:

“We are absolutely delighted to have won the award for the category ‘Horticultural Lighting’ in the prestigious Sapphire Awards ceremony. Hyperion is proving its effectiveness as a replacement for 1000W HPS with its ability to save energy and provide a better light spectrum to optimise growth.”

June Griffin, publisher of LEDs Magazine (, said:

“This prestigious program allows our LED and Lighting Group to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products and leaders in the solid-state lighting industry. Our 2019 winners are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact.”

All Hyperion grow lights come in a range of standard and tailor made spectrums, with a host of features and benefits designed to give a higher commercial return to growers. The latest LED grow light in the Hyperion™ range is the Inter Light, an intra canopy light solution for hire wire plants; it comes after the growing success of its Hyperion™ top lights which saw over 10Ha of grow light installations in 2018.

Continuing its awareness campaign, Plessey’s Hyperion™ Grow Lights team will be exhibiting at GreenTech (11th-13th June 2019) on stand 12.600, showcasing the new Inter Light and existing 1750 top light in a variety of spectrums.


About LEDs Magazine

LEDs Magazine is the leading information resource for the global LED community, serving over 64,000 readers that specify, design and manufacture LED-based products for a wide range of end-use applications, particularly solid-state lighting. LEDs Magazine is part of the LEDs & Lighting media group, the world’s leading media resource focused on the LED and lighting industry, along with the Strategies in Light conference portfolio and the market research company Strategies Unlimited.

LEDS Magazine Sapphire Awards

The Sapphire Awards are the first in the lighting industry to focus on the LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) market from an enabling-technology and elegance-of-design perspective — recognizes true technology stars. The judging process, handled by independent industry experts, culminates in an Awards Gala held at Strategies in Light, which puts the spotlight on winners in multiple product categories, as well as an individual or team honored as Illumineer of the Year for an especially noteworthy development in the LED-centric sector.

About Plessey

Plessey is a leading expert in the development and licensing of technologies that are revolutionising the solid-state lighting sector. With its in-depth understanding and breadth of patents relating to GaN-on- Silicon, the company has established itself as a valued IP partner to OEMs producing the next generation of photonics solutions. Plessey has been successfully licensing its pioneering sensor technology solutions within the healthcare and automotive sectors for many years.

For further information and datasheets, please visit or
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About Hyperion Grow Lights

Combining its expertise in the semiconductor and LED lighting industry with its design skills, Plessey has developed award winning innovations targeted at variety of applications including horticultural lighting.

Plessey has specifically designed the Hyperion Grow Lights to deliver greater returns for commercial growers. The Hyperion grow lights can work alongside or can replace high pressure sodium grow lights. With Hyperion you need less units for any given lighting installation than with competitor LED grow lights. Being 1:1 equivalent with existing 1000w and 600w sodium grow lights makes Hyperion easy to install and to use for growers, installers and greenhouse builders.

The Hyperion 1750 has a light output of 1750 micromole/s, equivalent to a 1000W SON-T. All Hyperion grow lights come in a range of standard and tailor-made spectrums, with a host of features and benefits designed to give a higher commercial return to growers. In 2017 Plessey announced the Hyperion 1000 with a light output of 1000 micromole/s, equivalent to a 600W SON-T. The Inter Light is the latest LED grow light in the Hyperion range.

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