‘Tomatoes of Tomorrow’ – Sterling Suffolk on The One Show

7 March 2019

Did you catch BBC’s The One Show last night?

Sterling Suffolk, along with our Hyperion LED grow lights, were featured to show how high-quality tomatoes can be grown locally all year round; while using 20% less energy than conventional greenhouses thanks to a mixture of eco-friendly techniques.

The ‘hydroponics module airglasshouse’ measures 54,400 m² and is the most technologically advanced farming of its kind in the UK. The supplementary lighting from the Hyperion 1750 top light allows the tomato plants to grow all year round and each will grow at 35cm per week eventually reaching up to 15 metres in height.

Go to 50:40 to 55:15 to watch the feature:

(Link available for 29 days)

Image Credits: BBC’s The One Show


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