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These tomatoes are in the pink at Tomato Masters’ Deinze, Belgium indoor farm, under Hyperion LED grow lights from Plessey.
10 June 2019

Do LED grow lights provide enough heat in a greenhouse?

Tunable LEDs are all the rage for dialing the right light recipe. But one Belgium tomato farm wasn’t so sure they would be physically warm enough. So the growers took extra steps.

Tunable LED lights are gaining acclaim for providing just the right spectra to suit the varying wavelength preferences of different indoor crops. But isn’t there a downside in that LEDs give off less heat than conventional, non-tunable grow lights? After all, heat can be an asset in a greenhouse, especially in winter months.

That is exactly the question that Belgium’s Tomato Masters asked as it decided to build a 5.4-hectare indoor tomato farm in Deinze, and to light it entirely with 7000 pinkish-tuned Hyperion brand LED fittings provided by Britain’s Plessey Semiconductors, rather than with high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights that growers have customarily used.

You can read the full version of the article by Mark Halper here.


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