5 Reasons to Choose the Hyperion LED Grow Light

hyperion led grow light
7 June 2017

Searching for the best LED grow light? More and more growers are waking up to the benefits of LED grow lights. But not all LED lights are equal. Here are five ways Hyperion LED grow lights beat the competition.

The best LED grow light has arrived

The next-generation Hyperion high-power grow lights aren’t just an improvement on traditional technologies – they offer numerous advantages over lesser LED competitors too. Leading  growers including Desmet Lettuces, Villa Gerbera, Gebr. Koot B.V., Together2Grow and Slijkerman Kalanchoe are already  testing the benefits.

Here are five great reasons to choose Hyperion for your horticultural lighting:

  1. You don’t need as many units

Most LED alternatives to traditional high-pressure sodium grow lights aren’t powerful enough to work as one-for-one replacements. But the Hyperion fittings can match – and beat – the output of 600W or 1000W sodium grow lights, meaning it only takes one new fitting to replace one old one.

Hyperion can do this thanks to its unique LED chip technology, which allows us to manufacture highly powerful LEDs at low cost, right here in the UK. Hyperions LED technology is perfectly suited to horticultural applications where large amounts of light are required, meaning you need fewer units.

  1. You can mount them on your existing trellis

Unlike many LED options, the Hyperion fittings are specifically designed to be mounted on the existing trellis of a greenhouse, so there’s no need to add more C-profile metalwork to support them. That means quicker, cheaper installation.

  1. They cause less shading

Installing grow lights is a trade-off between how much light the fittings provide, and how much shade they cause during daylight hours. Because Hyperion allows growers to use fewer, more powerful fittings, with less C-profile metalwork, there’s less unwanted shading. So your lights will provide maximum advantage without obstructing your natural light.

  1. More cost-effective

Hyperion gives you the most bang for your buck of any LED grow light solution. Our fittings are around one-third more cost-effective than competing LED grow lights in terms of cost for the amount of photosynthetically active light. And by using fewer, more powerful fittings, you’ll save on installation costs and energy consumption: Hyperion offers energy savings of 40% compared to high-pressure sodium lighting.

Combining Hyperion with existing sodium lighting installations is no problem, so if the upfront cost is an issue, you can even replace old fittings gradually as they fail, helping you manage the capital investment and minimise disruption.

  1. More flexibility over where to position them

Hyperion fittings are powerful enough to deliver  a high uniformity of light over a wider area – even across bays of up to 12m. So you don’t need to worry about getting the lights in exactly the right spot to reach certain plants, and there’s no need for inter-lighting among the plants, which can be obstructive to workers in the greenhouse. If you’re replacing sodium light fittings one-for-one, you don’t need to rearrange your facility for the switch to LED. And thanks to precision LED optics, Hyperion fittings deliver powerful light with high scatter and maximum light penetration, so you get more out of your light.

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