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Hyperion announces new 1000W LED Top Light

28 January 2020

London, ENGLAND – 28 January 2020: Hyperion Grow Lights is introducing the latest high power top light in the Hyperion... more »

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Gemüsebau Steiner

Steiner chooses Hyperion top light for Germany’s first 100% LED tomato installation

10 January 2020

Hyperion Grow Lights, a leading developer of award-winning LED horticultural grow lighting, announces that sustainabilit... more »

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Press & Media

20 June 2019

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These tomatoes are in the pink at Tomato Masters’ Deinze, Belgium indoor farm, under Hyperion LED grow lights from Plessey.

Read about us in the LEDs Magazine

10 June 2019

Do LED grow lights provide enough heat in a greenhouse? Tunable LEDs are all the rage for dialing the right light recip... more »

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Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Karpinscy

Polish hydroponic lettuce grower chooses Hyperion LED for hybrid installation in new greenhouse

5 June 2019

Hyperion Grow Lights, a leading developer of award-winning LED technologies and horticultural grow lighting, announces t... more »

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Tomato Masters complete 5.4Ha LED installation with Hyperion top light

23 May 2019

Flemish tomato grower Tomato Masters will complete the LED installation of 100% Hyperion top lights this year, bringing ... more »

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